What can TRAVELLING teach YOU?


I love travelling.
Not that I necessarily travel long distances or regularly visit remote places on earth.
I just love travelling
I love the feeling of “being on the road”.
Being …somewhere and being nowhere in particular.
There is of course the simple explanation that travelling gives us a feeling of freedom, because we don’t need to think about our jobs, obligations, appointments, all the things that need to be done…
But I strongly believe and feel that this explanation doesn’t cover the whole story.
When I’m travelling and especially when I’m camping
I feel more alive and more like myself then the rest of the time

And this is WHY…I think

As we’re saying goodbye to our homes
We are free floating
Through space and time
Our spirits and our minds expand
Our consciousness grows
It feels like starting over

We’re a blank page
Who we are, the people we know, the things we have accomplished so far…
Nothing matters anymore
Because we’re entering a sacred terrain
Where none of these things matter
Where other things and skills are asked from us
While being on our way to the unknown…
We are being asked to feel comfortable in the unknown
We might even be asked to do something new
or at least…to do things differently
So we feel different
And we see things with new eyes
You might be asked to
develop skills you didn’t know you had
To detach
And to trust yourself
That you will be okay

And somehow you know how to do it
Because you’ve done it many times before
You open your eyes
And you see who you are

You don’t need much
You need the right things
You can figure things out
And you will
So you create meals and shelter
seemingly out of nothing

You experience a lot of gratefulness
For the smallest things
For the left-over coffee, just enough for one cup (the best you’ve had for ages),
the rain passing by
a bucket
toilet paper
a little candle for the night
the warmth of real fire
And surrounded by these things
You forget who you are supposed to be
You’re kindly reminded of
What it is to be human