Today I would like to speak up for

the invisible caretakers

I’m not only talking about the nurses, cleaners, volunteers

I’m talking about

You and me

All of us

Or at least

Someone you know

Sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers, neighbours

People who quietly and humbly take care of their family, their home, their garden,

People who see the human need for compassion, help, attention, time

For beauty in everyday things

They seldom speak about their achievements

The skills and the qualities they possess

Are frequently overlooked, often not rewarded

Not on their resume

Self-realization is not their priority

And therefore they are often mistaken for

Not having ambitions

For having low self-esteem

No dreams

But be careful

Some people have ambitions that other people fail to notice

So instead of blaming them for not being ambitious enough

Look for their personal secret

They might understand something about life

That you have not discovered yet

They know something about meaningful contribution

Most of the time they are smart enough to keep their mouths shut

around judgment and negativity

So, unless you are genuinely interested

You will never find out about their secret

About their wisdom

About what they have discovered

And what they have recovered from

Always remember:

People challenge themselves in different ways

When I watch them

And their acts of beauty

I know in my heart of hearts

That they have understood something very very important

They don’t need to show off

Or to expose themselves

They just let the truth surface

And when you ask what they are doing

They will say:

“Nothing much”

And smile