We are often told to live in the NOW
That this moment is all that we have
That the past has gone
That the future is yet to be

Of course I can see the importance of
Living in the now

But being a nostalgic person
This often leaves me feeling empty handed

Memories to me
are not a vague remembrance of times past
they play an essential role
in how I experience my life

Memories don’t leave us with nothing
They show us that we are capable to experience so much beauty
Beauty that we can evoke
Time after time after time
Memories teach us about sensations and imagery
Visions and strong emotional reactions

They transport us to a world
A point in time
Where we can never leave
Memories teach us
that we have the ability
to appreciate moments

Memories support us in WHO we are

So…I would say:
Don’t collect stuff
Don’t even collect to many achievements
Collect experiences
Collect memories
remember you life!