Morning meditation…


The morning is probably the greatest gift to all of us

A new day welcomes us

And we are lucky enough to welcome it back

Every day is a new beginning.

It’s a moment of the day that is often associated with

The lack of sleep you might have had, getting dressed, plans and obligations for the day,

stress and sometimes even boredom

But it doesn’t have to be that way

We can choose to start to off with more positive thoughts

Just imagine…

There are no mistakes yet

No absurdities

You have the time to shape something new

And the power as well

A great moment to do this

is just in between

Awakening and starting your daily routines

You can sit down or even stay in bed

Meditation for me is not about

Sitting in the right position on a meditation cushion

It’s about serenity, deep silence, perception

It’s not about a beautiful sun coming up

It’s about embracing life as it is

Day in day out

It’s about honoring the not knowing

Be open for new invitations

It’s about freedom

A new birth

It is not a luxury

It is not for “spiritual people”

It is for everyone

Just like life itself

It comes in different shapes and forms

So I would like to invite you

Even if it is only for the day to come

To start your day with a morning meditation

To be the source

Of infinite gratefulness

Start the day by concentrating on your heart

To be in that beautiful moment between now

And what is yet to come

And feel

Blessed and on track

As if you never wasted one single minute of your live