HOW to OPEN the gate to YOUR HEART?


To start this process
take a few deep breaths then ask
What gladdens my heart?
What would my heart say?
What does it need?
Remembering that…
the heart asks pleasure first
Joy is natural to an open heart
Joy and gratitude
See what comes up, then engage
Choose with care
And an open mind
Be yourself
Lose yourself in the beauty of others
See what they can teach you about yourself
About life
About the art of living
And the gate of your heart will open
And every encounter
Every object will whisper answers
Will tell you a story
That makes your heart grow

As you enter
New gates will open
And you will discover
How much space there is still left
How much warmth and beauty
Are yet to enter you life
Rejoice in what other people
Have created with love
And if it makes you want to cry
Then cry
And if it makes you want to smile
Then smile

Happiness without a cause
Is what can be found
if you listen first
and enter the gate
of a place
that you heart told you to visit
because it has been there before