HOW great things can happen on an ordinary day!


Yesterday we spent a most lovely day
My son and I started the day by building a tent
With things we found in the house
A box, wrapping paper, blankets …

Then after lunch we went to the museum

My son was amazed by almost every object
So therefore I was too
He made the invisible visible
And that changed the whole day

On our way home, we stopped by a nearby garden
Someone had picked flowers and left them there
For us…to find

These recent events have strengthened my belief in what I already know deep inside

Try not to set to many goals
Instead follow you inner guidance regarding the small things in life
As where to go and what to do

Goals will get you somewhere
But they won’t bring you home

Try to build a shelter out of nothing
Try to find the flowers in the garden

Something inside you will help you on your way.