About me

Born in Belgium (1979). At the age of seventeen I decided to move to Amsterdam to study Scandinavian Languages and Literature at the university. I got enamoured with the Swedish language and confused and challenged by my everyday environment and urban surroundings. Voluntarily having said “goodbye” to my roots, I found myself in the “luxury” position of being allowed to be alone, being allowed to create my own life story, being able to become the person I wanted to be, which initially appeared to be an observer.

Observation became my tool to relate to reality. Together with my love for language, an interest in texts, translation, stories and images developed in an effort to try to map the world around me, to examine it bit by bit. Lars von Trier was helpful in this matter as was Nietzsche. Both stretching the meaning of philosophy, art, the human condition and the creative process that is life.

Even more inspired and encouraged to explore the creative process of life and of art, I moved to Stockholm to study Theatre History and Theory. My daily observations were coloured by yet another new sound and meaning. Stockholm captured my heart immediately with its immeasurable beauty and melancholy. Inevitable. Real love. And…as real love always does, it confronted me. I saw myself once again mirrored in a different place and context. I experienced how a change of environment affects one’s identity and work. In Stockholm I thought a lot about identity, time/space, the ongoing process of globalization, the powerlessness and the powerfulness of the individual, travelling, living abroad, moving and communication. I researched and tried to shed light on these questions in my work, as well as in my private life. Amongst others, the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman was truly an inspiring companion on this journey. And he still is.

And there was also Berlin, that truly felt as a revelation. Contemporary, honest, creative, exciting, a multi-layered, inspiring place where I had the opportunity to work in an international theatre production, revealing to me the possibilities of diversity as well as its limitations. It challenged me to examine the interfaces of language, text, images, signs and messages, looking for a common ground for understanding and a way to unravel our daily misconceptions.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Scandinavian Languages (University of Amsterdam) and a Master’s Degree in Theatre History and Theory (University of Stockholm). However, none of the above mentioned enigmas are solved. They puzzle and intrigue me on a daily basis and still define my points of departure.