5 ways to celebrate your creative life this summer!


Summer is just around the corner!
It’s the perfect time to plan a vacation, enjoying some well-deserved moments of relaxation, gather with you family and friends…
But summertime is also a wonderful time to make room in your schedule to celebrate and enhance YOUR CREATIVE LIFE!
To make room to explore your creative interests, experiment with new ideas and (life-changing) beliefs, to develop your talents, to open up yourself for unexpected thoughts, ideas, experiences, possibilities and opportunities (small and big ones).

It starts with creating the right environment.
Summertime is a wonderful time to escape your context. You don’t need to travel far distances and it certainly doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. But I would recommend:
Spend some time outside your home.
For me that would be on a good and modest camping site, some sunshine, a gentle peaceful vibe. The right environment can look differently every time, but this would be very important.
It’s known that new sounds, sensations, smells and sights revitalize the mind.
So please, travel…physically as well as mentally.
What else?
TAKE SOME PERSONAL TIME, to remember who you are, to reconnect with loved-ones, to identify your core values and live accordingly to them.
It’s nice to be surrounded by a place and by people who don’t know what you do and who you are.
Read whatever lifts your spirit.
Enter a world of words that brings your comfort, insights, laughter, peace in your heart.
Write, cook, read, take a walk, visit places…not because you have to, not because it is a must-see (are there even such things?) but because you want to. Just to enjoy yourself, just for fun.
Remember that the heart asks pleasure first.
Surround yourself with nature, real people, real sensations, real conversations.
Enjoy the fresh air, the sun, the water, the earth – your brothers and sisters that you haven’t connect with for such a long time…

Do not invest in your mundane life, in your obligations, in humdrum.
Invest in your spiritual life, in imagination, in good conversations, in storytelling, in simple things of beauty. Act from your heart, listen to what it needs.
Surround yourself with loving people, go back to basics, invest in what energizes you (what energizes your heart and soul is always good).
And there it will stand
Right in front of you

Morning meditation…


The morning is probably the greatest gift to all of us

A new day welcomes us

And we are lucky enough to welcome it back

Every day is a new beginning.

It’s a moment of the day that is often associated with

The lack of sleep you might have had, getting dressed, plans and obligations for the day,

stress and sometimes even boredom

But it doesn’t have to be that way

We can choose to start to off with more positive thoughts

Just imagine…

There are no mistakes yet

No absurdities

You have the time to shape something new

And the power as well

A great moment to do this

is just in between

Awakening and starting your daily routines

You can sit down or even stay in bed

Meditation for me is not about

Sitting in the right position on a meditation cushion

It’s about serenity, deep silence, perception

It’s not about a beautiful sun coming up

It’s about embracing life as it is

Day in day out

It’s about honoring the not knowing

Be open for new invitations

It’s about freedom

A new birth

It is not a luxury

It is not for “spiritual people”

It is for everyone

Just like life itself

It comes in different shapes and forms

So I would like to invite you

Even if it is only for the day to come

To start your day with a morning meditation

To be the source

Of infinite gratefulness

Start the day by concentrating on your heart

To be in that beautiful moment between now

And what is yet to come

And feel

Blessed and on track

As if you never wasted one single minute of your live

HOW can we hang on to a dream?


One of the most challenging things in our lives probably is…
How we can hang on to a dream?
Especially when things aren’t going our way, when we feel stuck,
when we’re in doubt about our talents and gifts
about our ability to succeed

That’s where the journey begins!

First off…we have to remember our dream
This may sound easy
But most of us don’t even know what our dream is

What is it that lives in our heart?

Write it down
It will help you get back on track when you lose your way
Share your dream with positive people
Look for people that bring positive feedback, honesty, encouragement, wisdom, support
Stay enthusiastic about your dream
Spend some time on your dream…every day!
As Gretchen Rubin put it:
“What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.”

Be creative in finding solutions to your struggles
Be in service of something bigger than yourself.
Practice acts of kindness
Avoid energy drains

Say yes when
Say yes when you absolutely, positively know you should say yes
Say no when you absolutely, positively know you should say no
Have the wisdom to know the difference.

Try not to compare yourself with others
Know that you have a lifetime to get succeed
Take one humble step today

And new things and ideas will arise

Get enough sleep
To keep on dreaming
Know that if your heart doesn’t sing
Then it’s not your dream
It is somebody else’s
That’s okay
There are enough dreams for everyone

Believe that
The Best Is Yet To Come



Today I would like to speak up for

the invisible caretakers

I’m not only talking about the nurses, cleaners, volunteers

I’m talking about

You and me

All of us

Or at least

Someone you know

Sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers, neighbours

People who quietly and humbly take care of their family, their home, their garden,

People who see the human need for compassion, help, attention, time

For beauty in everyday things

They seldom speak about their achievements

The skills and the qualities they possess

Are frequently overlooked, often not rewarded

Not on their resume

Self-realization is not their priority

And therefore they are often mistaken for

Not having ambitions

For having low self-esteem

No dreams

But be careful

Some people have ambitions that other people fail to notice

So instead of blaming them for not being ambitious enough

Look for their personal secret

They might understand something about life

That you have not discovered yet

They know something about meaningful contribution

Most of the time they are smart enough to keep their mouths shut

around judgment and negativity

So, unless you are genuinely interested

You will never find out about their secret

About their wisdom

About what they have discovered

And what they have recovered from

Always remember:

People challenge themselves in different ways

When I watch them

And their acts of beauty

I know in my heart of hearts

That they have understood something very very important

They don’t need to show off

Or to expose themselves

They just let the truth surface

And when you ask what they are doing

They will say:

“Nothing much”

And smile

HOW to OPEN the gate to YOUR HEART?


To start this process
take a few deep breaths then ask
What gladdens my heart?
What would my heart say?
What does it need?
Remembering that…
the heart asks pleasure first
Joy is natural to an open heart
Joy and gratitude
See what comes up, then engage
Choose with care
And an open mind
Be yourself
Lose yourself in the beauty of others
See what they can teach you about yourself
About life
About the art of living
And the gate of your heart will open
And every encounter
Every object will whisper answers
Will tell you a story
That makes your heart grow

As you enter
New gates will open
And you will discover
How much space there is still left
How much warmth and beauty
Are yet to enter you life
Rejoice in what other people
Have created with love
And if it makes you want to cry
Then cry
And if it makes you want to smile
Then smile

Happiness without a cause
Is what can be found
if you listen first
and enter the gate
of a place
that you heart told you to visit
because it has been there before



We are often told to live in the NOW
That this moment is all that we have
That the past has gone
That the future is yet to be

Of course I can see the importance of
Living in the now

But being a nostalgic person
This often leaves me feeling empty handed

Memories to me
are not a vague remembrance of times past
they play an essential role
in how I experience my life

Memories don’t leave us with nothing
They show us that we are capable to experience so much beauty
Beauty that we can evoke
Time after time after time
Memories teach us about sensations and imagery
Visions and strong emotional reactions

They transport us to a world
A point in time
Where we can never leave
Memories teach us
that we have the ability
to appreciate moments

Memories support us in WHO we are

So…I would say:
Don’t collect stuff
Don’t even collect to many achievements
Collect experiences
Collect memories
remember you life!

To anyone … who wants to celebrate the walk of life!


So today I’m going to put on my shoes
Committed to life and a to a purposeful direction
And this is what will happen
I will take my first step
And it will lead me immediately in the direction of my daily routines
To the train station, my son’s school, the grocery store
I will leave no trace of an exciting, creating life
My mind will be occupied with small things
Being on time, my to-do-list
Between this step and the next one
Nothing extraordinary is likely to happen
a monotonous march
So it seems
But there’s something under the surface…
So today I’m going to put on my shoes
Committed to life and a to a purposeful direction
And this is what will happen
I will feel the excitement of being alive
T will feel grateful for the possibility to listen to people
To hear their stories
To see beauty
I will embrace the things that need to be done today
And feeling blessed to be able to do them
To be able to walk
Through this life
Step by step
And being inspired by it
I might even dance
Who knows…

HOW great things can happen on an ordinary day!


Yesterday we spent a most lovely day
My son and I started the day by building a tent
With things we found in the house
A box, wrapping paper, blankets …

Then after lunch we went to the museum

My son was amazed by almost every object
So therefore I was too
He made the invisible visible
And that changed the whole day

On our way home, we stopped by a nearby garden
Someone had picked flowers and left them there
For us…to find

These recent events have strengthened my belief in what I already know deep inside

Try not to set to many goals
Instead follow you inner guidance regarding the small things in life
As where to go and what to do

Goals will get you somewhere
But they won’t bring you home

Try to build a shelter out of nothing
Try to find the flowers in the garden

Something inside you will help you on your way.

Not-knowing is okay!


Today … my 4 year old son asked me some questions
I just couldn’t answer.
And this is what happened…

We were both totally okay with
not knowing the answers
Things opened up
Our imagination started growing
We discovered new things and new thoughts
New words, creations, explanations and stories
Were brought to life
And nothing else mattered…

What can TRAVELLING teach YOU?


I love travelling.
Not that I necessarily travel long distances or regularly visit remote places on earth.
I just love travelling
I love the feeling of “being on the road”.
Being …somewhere and being nowhere in particular.
There is of course the simple explanation that travelling gives us a feeling of freedom, because we don’t need to think about our jobs, obligations, appointments, all the things that need to be done…
But I strongly believe and feel that this explanation doesn’t cover the whole story.
When I’m travelling and especially when I’m camping
I feel more alive and more like myself then the rest of the time

And this is WHY…I think

As we’re saying goodbye to our homes
We are free floating
Through space and time
Our spirits and our minds expand
Our consciousness grows
It feels like starting over

We’re a blank page
Who we are, the people we know, the things we have accomplished so far…
Nothing matters anymore
Because we’re entering a sacred terrain
Where none of these things matter
Where other things and skills are asked from us
While being on our way to the unknown…
We are being asked to feel comfortable in the unknown
We might even be asked to do something new
or at least…to do things differently
So we feel different
And we see things with new eyes
You might be asked to
develop skills you didn’t know you had
To detach
And to trust yourself
That you will be okay

And somehow you know how to do it
Because you’ve done it many times before
You open your eyes
And you see who you are

You don’t need much
You need the right things
You can figure things out
And you will
So you create meals and shelter
seemingly out of nothing

You experience a lot of gratefulness
For the smallest things
For the left-over coffee, just enough for one cup (the best you’ve had for ages),
the rain passing by
a bucket
toilet paper
a little candle for the night
the warmth of real fire
And surrounded by these things
You forget who you are supposed to be
You’re kindly reminded of
What it is to be human