5 ways to celebrate your creative life this summer!


Summer is just around the corner!
It’s the perfect time to plan a vacation, enjoying some well-deserved moments of relaxation, gather with you family and friends…
But summertime is also a wonderful time to make room in your schedule to celebrate and enhance YOUR CREATIVE LIFE!
To make room to explore your creative interests, experiment with new ideas and (life-changing) beliefs, to develop your talents, to open up yourself for unexpected thoughts, ideas, experiences, possibilities and opportunities (small and big ones).

It starts with creating the right environment.
Summertime is a wonderful time to escape your context. You don’t need to travel far distances and it certainly doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. But I would recommend:
Spend some time outside your home.
For me that would be on a good and modest camping site, some sunshine, a gentle peaceful vibe. The right environment can look differently every time, but this would be very important.
It’s known that new sounds, sensations, smells and sights revitalize the mind.
So please, travel…physically as well as mentally.
What else?
TAKE SOME PERSONAL TIME, to remember who you are, to reconnect with loved-ones, to identify your core values and live accordingly to them.
It’s nice to be surrounded by a place and by people who don’t know what you do and who you are.
Read whatever lifts your spirit.
Enter a world of words that brings your comfort, insights, laughter, peace in your heart.
Write, cook, read, take a walk, visit places…not because you have to, not because it is a must-see (are there even such things?) but because you want to. Just to enjoy yourself, just for fun.
Remember that the heart asks pleasure first.
Surround yourself with nature, real people, real sensations, real conversations.
Enjoy the fresh air, the sun, the water, the earth – your brothers and sisters that you haven’t connect with for such a long time…

Do not invest in your mundane life, in your obligations, in humdrum.
Invest in your spiritual life, in imagination, in good conversations, in storytelling, in simple things of beauty. Act from your heart, listen to what it needs.
Surround yourself with loving people, go back to basics, invest in what energizes you (what energizes your heart and soul is always good).
And there it will stand
Right in front of you